New Toyota Prius 2016 Review Interior and Other

New Toyota Prius 2016 Review Interior… – Japanese manufacturer has finally unveiled the new, fourth generation of the most popular hybrid in the world, the Prius. In short, the new model is based on a new Tngai platform, the design is fundamentally affect the model of peace, and efficiency is increased by approximately 10% compared to its predecessor. New 2016 Toyota Prius  model that many have been waiting, and here is finally here. The information that we got to share with you and the rest will wait for later. So far, no details regarding the propulsion power but also it will soon be on the agenda.

New Toyota Prius 2016 charging

Review of New Toyota Prius 2016

The external appearance of the final production model is not a big surprise considering that a few days ago the Internet began to circulate photos of the car without protective masks. With some modern elements, particularly light, is still visible subordination aerodynamics in the design of the exterior, ie it was called. liftback form.

The new Prius is 60 mm longer, 15 mm wider and 20 lower than its predecessor, and offer increased space both inside the passenger compartment and in the trunk. Travel comfort and safety will contribute to the new suspension and generous equipment, especially when it comes to driver assistance systems such as systems for warning of an unintentional cover into another lane, active cruise control based on radar, automatic high beam, a system that recognizes traffic signs, pedestrians and FIG.

New Toyota Prius 2016 front

Using the new modular Toyota New Global Architecture, or Tngai platform has brought a whole range of benefits to this model, and there is most outstanding is the fact that the chassis is now 60% stiffer, the center of gravity of the car is lowered, it is possible to lower a drive assembly and the like.

When we touched powertrain say that Toyota is currently not excessively enter into details and is officially confirmed only that his efficiency be increased by 10%, a thermal efficiency of 40%. Also, some parts are smaller and more compact, and the same goes for the new nickel-metal hydride battery which has increased durability and shorter charging time.

Exterior and interior pictures

New Toyota Prius 2016 grille

New Toyota Prius 2016 inside

New Toyota Prius 2016 rear

New Toyota Prius 2016 engine

New Toyota Prius 2016 Release Date

The sale of this car will start by the end of this year, of course, first in Japan and then  early next year and reach to other world markets. About the car over after the Frankfurt motor show. The price that we can expect is about $25,000. Depending on the level of equipment that’s going to have New Toyota Prius 2016 model will range and price.

If you need more information about this model, visit caranddriver.

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