2016 Toyota Prius C Release Date Review

2016 Toyota Prius C Release Date Review… – Every day we come across information concerning new vehicle models from all categories. From the truck, pickup, van, Hybrid vehicles to electric. Toyota has decided to offer its customers another surprise this time as the Toyota Prius C 2016. You’ve probably already well versed in this model but now let’s give some additional information that will serve you around the model that is newer than its predecessor. We’ll see if some changes in terms of design and mechanics resulting in the meantime, and if they are what they are.

2016 Toyota Prius C front grill

2016 Toyota Prius C Design and Specs

We have to say that the buyers of this model specific and that this model first introduced already in 1997.From then until now, the vehicle received ddosta improving the Toyota followed wishlist their users and are therefore rightly be said that this category of customers really special. This is definitely the best-selling Hybrid. Three years ago they introduced two models Prisa C and V, and it turns out that it was a big hit and refreshment. The vehicle is alrtenativ for young customers and thoughts on the Prius C. The point is that young people, but most of us want a vehicle that is smaller and more economical. This is a characteristic of demand in big cities. But something unexpected happened and that is that sales declined in the US market.

2016 Toyota Prius C front light

I should say that the Prius T still rests on the platform of his cousin Jaris that for now so things remain. I will continue to customers be available in two variants. One variant, which is also called Normal for everyday driving and the other option is Eco and it is intended for those customers who do not require air and no acceleration. It seems that of all the changes the biggest change, however based on the colors for this year 2015. It also gives a more serious approach to accessories and her choice of several options. Even four trim levels made available. The navigation system, sunroof, camera at the rear of the vehicle and premium audio system are some of the most important items when it comes to equipment.

2016 Toyota Prius C rear light

When it comes to the design, what would be singled out as the most change is the change of lights that are now LED and bumper.

2016 Toyota Prius C interior

Engine of 2016 Toyota Prius C

We came to the driving forces and thus to one of perhaps the most important reason why sales declined. They say that poor sales is the fact that the Prius has a weak engine and that his forces only 73 horsepower engine with 1.5 liters. Was added and the electric engine, but even he was not very helpful because the power is increased to only 99 horsepower. CVT transmission is here primarily because of the retention of consumption of 5.3 liters per 100 km ride through the city. With this transmission power is transmitted to the front wheels.

2016 Toyota Prius C engine

Toyota Prius C 2016 Price

Almost we all known price about 2016 Toyota Prius C that compare with some of the previous models. Depending on the ice equipment and price. Here we can talk about a starting price of $20,000. Sales had all the information we have now should start to 2015 years. On the whole this is a vehicle that consumes little and with what should be satisfied with that group of users that this is a very important issue.

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