2014 Toyota Prius 1.8VVTi Hybrid Redesign and Specs

Toyota is definitely a company that cares about its customers, as someone who is of vital importance. The previous generation Toyota Prius is very attractive but the new version is again something special. That’s why we say that Toyota knows that Surprise your potential customers or those who are just fans. This is about a variant of Prius 1.8VVT. We will try to clarify what are the important things in relation to this model. Prius model has proven to be a very successful model and all over the world, especially in America. It is a great interest in this vehicle and there are reasons.

2014 Toyota Prius 1.8VVTi rear side

2014 Toyota Prius 1.8VVT Exterior

Hybrid vehicles are primarily try and start to create a vehicle that will not pollute the environment. Here are attempting to combine electric propulsion and traditional fuel. The first such attempt was made but now back in 1997. The second generation, which began in 2003 is already what we all recognize. Sales of the second generation has went quite well and then the scene comes a new generation. Redesign of the model took place in 2011 and since then has recorded steady growth in sales and the Japanese are the largest buyers of this model. Average fuel consumption will be under such conditions that the manufacturer stated. Under extreme conditions, if the driver takes into account, there may be an additional reduction in fuel consumption. What is new is cooling at a distance, and prod the vehicle remains in the sun. This happens because the roof are solar cells that pull heat out of the cabin.

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Prius 1.8VVTi Hybrid Exterior Design

Facelift is very friendly and the vehicle looks very attractive. Toyota here really made an effort to put some improvement in model 2014 Toyota Prius 1.8VVT. Aerodynamics in this model What we put the accent and the front of the Toyota vehicles. Generally speaking remains a distinctive style and design of the Toyota. Nothing great has not changed which would affect a radical change. The roofline is this time quite attractive. Back to that part of the high ends. Alloy wheels are fantastically designed and that will affect the change seems to point in a positive direction. What will give the effect that this car is more spacious large glass surfaces. Last part is very elegant, which in combination with the rear lights really gives a kind of sophistication.

2014 Toyota Prius 1.8VVTi left sie

2014 Toyota Prius 1.8VVTi Hybrid – Interior

Prius 1.8VVTi truly massive opening doors to access the front seats, not to anyone, including a very large and tall people to be a problem . The hole is almost square shape, which gives him and so good accessibility . The control panel is drawn up and a minimum of sticking to the side, so you will not have problems with my knees when entering the vehicle . The top edge has a very slight slope , which further improves the overall accessibility. If you look close , you’ll see that it is under the steering wheel situation is very clear , so that the leg is really great . The rear bench can be accessed also very comfortable , which is expected given the roof line and an unusual but practical design Toyota Prius models . You will not have problems even in the rear , even if you gabardine person . Legroom is really more than enough , more than enough to accommodate forward and people of higher stature without problems . Overall the car is designed to cabin space is really at a very high level. Indeed, in this respect, there is no problem on the front bench.

2014 Toyota Prius 1.8VVTi seats

Seats are uniform and very boring gray , but still robust and durable . Seating is part of a broad and friendly. The headrest is a massive and very comfortable , and the same will be used for long journeys to rest . If you pay attention , you’ll see that the profile of the rear seat extends to the floor , which is a solution that is not represented in the industry . Usually the rise , and is the seat of much thinner . 2014 Toyota Prius 1.8VVTi wanted to elevate this detail overall visual impression , so that the rear seats seem to some very solid and comfortable . On the left side in the figure will notice the drain , which is used for cooling the vehicle . Specifically , the air enters at the front of the vehicle and pull it through the hole . From this opening we hear more noise from standard cars do not have , but it’s very small but noticeable noise . The seats are identical to the front , slightly harder .

2014 Toyota Prius 1.8VVTi inside rear seats

2014 Toyota Prius 1.8VVTi Hybrid – The Steering Wheel,Gear, Hand Brake

Almost everything is on the steering wheel actually extremely unusual. I form the steering wheel is very irregular, far from the perfect circle. Steering wheel rim is a massive, covered with high quality leather. The buttons on the steering wheel are intuitive, well marked and practical. Left multimedia and right control climate and trip computer, while on the lower left arm controls the phone and finally behind the wheel is the right cruise. Power is strong and pleasant, especially in urban driving conditions. Transmission was almost the same as in the Toyota Auris HSD, and next to it there is a electric parking brake. It’s very simplistic and useful. The right of the lever you can choose one of three driving modes, which are all-electric, economy and sports.

2014 Toyota Prius 1.8VVTi steering wheel

2014 Toyota Prius 1.8VVTi Hybrid – The Instrument Panel and Controls

We’re not really fans of instrumentalist the middle of the table , but it must be acknowledged that this is a solution , regardless of size. What is practical is that the point of the current consumption is extremely small and imprecise , so you can not on the basis of fully controllable power. However, the point of power is significantly higher , and you have the beginning of a small CHG indicating charging , then a larger part where it clearly displays the current energy released and within which, it is possible to drive on electricity alone and finally PWR mode in which you enter by adding stronger when the engine throttle is required active. After prolonged use , you exceed the mania to try in the city requirements to spend a minimum amount of fuel .

The doors of  Prius 1.8VVTi are windows, door locks and locking rear window commands. In addition to mirrors and sprinklers for the headlights, to the left of the steering wheel is a very interesting and key ventilation the cab of the vehicle. This is very useful because it does not allow the air to capture the cabin and overheating, but the use of solar panels on the roof power a small fan that pulls in fresh air and exhausts overheated air from the cabin. So even though you enter the vehicle all day in the sun, you will feel the difference, which is not spectacular but quite sufficient to good.

Trunk of the Prius 1.8VVTi Hybrid

If you look Toyota Pruis models bothered with their excessive rear deck, when you look in the trunk of the criticism will disappear. The trunk not only opens up a wide berth, but the provided shipping and top very practical. The 2014 Toyota Prius 1.8VVTi of inside of the trunk is covered with high quality and durable materials. Under the hood the trunk is still room. The seats can be lowered down to a 40:60 ratio as practicable. Both folding seat gets almost completely flat surface, which gives you the cargo area to be desired.

2014 Toyota Prius 1.8VVTi cargo space

2014 Toyota Prius 1.8VVTi Hybrid – Engine

Under the hood welcomes clearly declared the hybrid system and very thick power cables. Everything seemed fine packed. Well look at this scene, because you will not often see given that the Toyota Prius one of the most reliable vehicles in the world.On the left side of the refueling and everything is clearly marked as far as the type of fuel.

2014 Toyota Prius 1.8VVTi set

You can look this video material below.

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