Toyota Auris Hybrid Commercial Vehicle

About Hybrid vehicles we do not know much. This story will explain the Toyota Auris Hybrid and we say and for which reason. Best commercials and all our Holivyd learn us that hybrids are the best, someone else to try and to preserve the environment and most people think that this vehicle is at least strange. This is why we decided to introduce you to this model. So alone Toyota has chosen this model and decided to pack Hybrid in this model.

Toyota Auris Hybrid side

Toyota Auris Hybrid Specs and Design

When I say hybrid, I am sure that the biggest part of you think of a Toyota Prius. First, the Prius is a hybrid, there is no simple version and it is impossible to confuse with any other car. This makes it the ideal vehicle for sending a message about environmental awareness of the person who is in control. More than half of surveyed buyers of the Prius II generation said it was sending a message to others exactly why purchase. But do not we talked a lot about the Prius model it short story. For Europeans the Toyota Auris made.

Toyota Auris Hybrid front grill

In addition to the unusual looks and high purchase prices, the greatest enemies of hybrids on our continent are affordable diesels that sip and go excellently. Auris hatchback, belongs to the segment of the automotive industry in which it sells the most automobila.Ovaj segment is the largest revenue generator in the industry and are in the Toyota decided to choose in this class Ubace hybrids.

Toyota Auris Hybrid rear

The Auris hybrid of the common external separate chrome cover, front and rear bumpers that affect less air resistance when moving, LED daytime running lights, wheels like the Prius III, a special roof spoiler and hybrid blue Toyota symbol on the hood and trunk lid.

Toyota Auris Hybrid rear side


Inside Auris is upholstered with new materials and a different dashboard than the standard model. Thus, although the hybrid, no display, like the Prius, which is the projected activities of the hybrid system and analyze the average fuel consumption in periods of five minutes, which would be an average and indifferent driver just distracted.

Toyota Auris Hybrid interior

Surveillance hybrid system has been relocated to a place where an ordinary Auris tachometer. Same shape except that instead of engine speed shows three different things – one part of the circle indicates the extent to which it is charging the battery during deceleration, the second part is used for economical driving and shows you when you drive on electric only to turn on the gasoline engine and how long will be in economy mode and the third part of the circle is reserved to show which part of the total power output using.

The selector lever has positions R, N, D and B. B is an option reserved for braking and then regenerate energy more quickly and does not use the brake system.

Toyota Auris Hybrid steering wheel

Engine and Performance

It is time to see what lies beneath the hood. The driving force is all that interests us. spod sheet is the mechanism of the Prius – the petrol engine capacity 1800 cc, electric motor, CVT transmission and battery. Gasoline engine develops 99 horsepower and uses a Atkinson cycle in which the work will not go into details, but the point is that this engine is not designed to develop a large number of horses have to be efficient in fuel consumption, ie to extract as much energy from one gram of fuel. Such an engine is most efficient at low revs.

The electric motor has the label 80 horsepower and the power of the entire hybrid system (when using the electric motor and gasoline engine) comes to 136 horsepower. This figure is up by the factory came but it is not a constant force on you can rely on at your TDI, D4d or dCi engine. Those 136 horsepower are largely dependent on the amount of energy stored in the battery.

Toyota Auris Hybrid engine

Toyota’s system is designed so that I generate electricity during deceleration, braking or operation of gasoline engines. If you happen to spend the power from the battery faster than the car can generate, they will feel a lack of power because all resources will be directed to a car charging batteries. It should be a very fast ride with a long climb on the highway or drive 5 laps on the race track to go to in this state of lack of energy.

Great progress has been made with a new generation of hybrid systems because it is due to a stronger electric motor energy recovery much faster and the battery has a higher capacity. The battery is Nickel Metal Hydride.

With hybrids, to achieve low fuel consumption, no point in slow motion. The point is in uniform motion in the effective regeneration of energy that is used for relieving petrol unit.


Price Auris Hybrid was started from 20,000 to 25,000 euros on the price builds the Prius and go up. In many countries, there are numerous benefits for owners of hybrids to price, which is higher than the competitors in the class, was compensated.

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