Lexus NX Hybrid 2015 Price

If you would like to mention some of the most beautifully designed cars then among them include the Lexus and this time it is a Lexus NX Hybrid 2015. At first glance you’ll run out of breath. In accordance with that goes a story that will delight you. So let’s start some already well known to us in the order.

Lexus NX Hybrid 2015 side

Lexus NX Hybrid 2015 Design

The compact premium crossover from Japan brings up another interesting thing. In fact, he is the first Lexus model with a turbo engine. In fact, it is available in three versions – with gasoline turbo engine (NX 200t), atmosferca and full hybrid depending on the market. For everything there is a first time. Lexus NX is the first representative of the Japanese brand in the compact crossover and the first general model with turbo engine. In addition to copies of additional feeding, customers will be able to opt for NX with atmospheric engine and of course, the hybrid drive. It will be available in NX 200t SPORT, with specific details of the exterior and interior.

Lexus NX Hybrid 2015 front side

As is the case with other Lexus, aggressiveness is emphasized spindle grille and innovative LED light clusters. The wheel arches emphasize the brawn and force, framing wheels 17 or 18 inches. What perhaps is dominated by the external appearance of this car is roofline, whose highest point is moved back, as I was giving the attractiveness silhouettes, provides plenty of space for passengers’ heads in the rear.

The last part is characterized by distinctive Lexus L signal last group, of course, with the inevitable LED technology. NX 200t F SPORT has exclusive exterior components, along with clearly improved driving characteristics.

Lexus NX Hybrid 2015 grill

Interior of Lexus Hybrid NX 2015

NX-cabin combines a premium quality materials and luxurious design with a performantnog vehicles. Interior design more suitable than a sports SUV model. Japan’s functionality, of course, is not bypassed. The interior features a composition of hard metal surfaces that are in contrast with soft materials.

The massive central silver frame and rounded on the central console. Knee pads are located at the bottom of the instrument panel to help comfort and great ergonomics for passengers and passenger. Known HMI system is in accordance with the general ambience, and emphasizes the high technological level of the car.

Lexus NX Hybrid 2015 interior


We have already mentioned that in the NX range of Lexus introduces a new 2.0-liter turbo engine with 235 hp paired with a new automatic transmission. Besides him, there’s NX 200 with atmosphere, as well as saving hybrid that uses a 2.5-liter Atkinson cycle gasoline. In addition to front-wheel drive, and variants are available with the all-weather all-wheel drive.

Although energy-efficient, hybrid and delivers a superior driving dynamics. In addition to the new transmission, there is a kick-down function when creating the need for more aggressive acceleration. In addition, the battery is divided into two modules, positioned so that the weight distribution of cars is more optimal, as well as cabin space. I drive this model is distinctive. His name is E-Four AWD, and what it characterized the possibility of launching the rear wheels via an electric motor.

Lexus NX Hybrid 2015 engine

The new 2.0-liter turbo boasts direct fuel injection system and advanced control of the valve which switches from Atkinson on the Otto cycle and vice versa, in order to optimize performance and cost effectiveness.

In order to minimize as much as possible turbo hole exhaust system four two paired cylinders in relation to the work or the compression stroke of the pistons to reduce losses in the process engine intake and exhaust and eliminate interference emissions. This has improved the response to the gas pedal and the range of available high torque. Turbo engine delivers 235 hp at 5,600 r/min, with a maximum torque of 350 Nm is available from 1,650 to 4,000 r/min.

Lexus NX Hybrid 2015 door


In order to save fuel, the system uses only the front wheels during a conventional cruise. When necessary, it automatically engages all-wheel drive, controlled via an electromagnetic clutch in the housing rear differential, sending up to 50 percent of available torque to the rear wheels. If the driver went too wide in a curve for example, Dynamic Torque Control helps him to get back to the desired path.

Suspension is also improved. The front MacPherson setting, with a high degree of stiffness components and moving parts with reduced friction. The rear suspension in the form of oscillating double shoulder is separated from the spring damper, and optimizes agility, stability and comfort, and provides expressed under low for an SUV.

Price of Lexus Hybrid NX 2015

Price of the vehicle has a starting price that includes an initial level of equipment. Starting price NX 200t would amount to some $ 35.405, then we have NX 300h hybrid which would amount to $ 40,645. Basically let the average price of Lexus NX Hybrid 2015 that revolved around $ 35,000.

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