2016 Toyota Auris Facelift Hybrid Review

2016 Toyota Auris Facelift Hybrid Review… – Toyota is at the Geneva Motor Show unveiled its faceliftovani Auris model. I do not have much to say about the design of the new revised Auris model whereby there is less improvement front and rear with the aim of creating a sharper design. After the premiere at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, Toyota us his new, more accurate detail renewed Toyota Auris 2016 presented the first run.

2016 Toyota Auris side

What Auris makes it unique in the segment is certainly the fact that he was the first to offer a hybrid drive, and even now is not much different, because the competition is still scarce and expensive. Although it is still little or no touches our market and our country, the fact that so far in Europe since the total sold Auris even 54 percent of them were powered by a hybrid assembly of gasoline engine and electric motor provides enough evidence that Toyota has played the right move at the right time. At the same time, the new Auris is by far the best-selling hybrid car in Europe in general. Probably a similar relationship could be with us when we instead of additional levies paid by buyers of hybrid cars had significant financial benefits.

2016 Toyota Auris front

2016 Toyota Auris Exterior and Interior Design

Changes are noticeable in the adoption of LED lights front and istaknutijeg front bumper lower grille while the engine is now moving the entire width of the vehicle. On the rear are the LED lights and muscle bumper. Toyota is on this model installed a new roof antenna feathered sharks, the new 16 and 17″ wheels as well as new colors. The interior brings a few minor adjustments where improved noise insulation. There jei new 4.2 “touchscreen where the materials used in the cabin soft to the touch.

2016 Toyota Auris

Inside 2016 Toyota Auris greatest novelty, as expected, brings to mind the great “tablet” and the central console which now gravitate around the infotainment system, to functionally and aesthetically. All the elements that are at hand, especially air vents, door handles and the central ridge are now better designed and better made. Unfortunately, I still can notice some outdated switches that now even less belong in this modern environment.

2016 Toyota Auris interior

Engine and Transmission

Toyota Auris 2016 model also got four cylinder newly developed 1.2L turbocharged gasoline engine developing 114ks power and 185Nm of torque transmitted to the front wheels via a six-speed manual transmission. The vehicle can reach 100km/h from standstill in 10.1 seconds while the top speed is 167km/h. Vehicle spend 4.7L/100km gasoline while emissions 106g/km.

2016 Toyota Auris front grill

What is most important is that all modern technology and optimization shown excellent results in practice. This small turbak easy carrying 2016 Toyota Auris, and definitely one of the more vivid examples of the modern generation of small turbo gasoline. Excellent throttle response and enough torque from low rpm of great benefit, so we felt that Auris 1,2t languishing at accelerating even with four passengers in the car. This is thanks to turbocharging, direct injection technology, which allows multiple fuel injection and the new VVT-iW system of variable valve timing. Toyota promises an average consumption of just 4.7 l/100 km, which we have not had a chance to check with certainty, but it represents real value framework.


2016 Toyota Auris Price

The starting price of 2016 Toyota Auris model is $21,500 while the hybrid version is expected and $32,000. Depending on the equipment which will be the vehicle that possesses so will the price be changed.


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