2016 Lexus ES Release Date Review

2016 Lexus ES release date review… – The company has a number of Toyota models that have a long tradition. So is the case with the Lexus ES, which in many ways characteristic and put on the market now, but back in 1989 when he made a huge shift in the US market. Here we will present new model Lexus ES 2016. Greater attention was paid to the LS sedan model, but it was necessary to have a variant that will be cheaper. And that gets ES250, which will be released in an extremely competitive prices which are apparently did a good job at that time. But as always, it is necessary to something new. This model was a Toyota Camry Prominent local variant.

2016 Lexus ES rear

2016 Lexus ES Exterior and Interior Design

From that time until today, there is a strong link between ES and Camry, which in many ways the face. Last year, sales had a good level and with 72 thousand sold models. The purpose of our story is linked to the Shanghai and presentation of the new 2016 Lexus ES models. Here attention was devoted to the highest design. Already some periods of time modelĀ  Lexus ES 2016 constitutes a change in grid on the front of the vehicle, which is really like a trademark of this model.

2016 Lexus ES front

With this move was made to this model looks a lot more aggressive and modern. One part of the fans of this move is welcome, while the second part considers that part of the big grid more suited to a crossover variant. Probably consider these gratings excessive on smaller vehicles. How to go further with the design except that part Grate there are no significant changes. The last part of the world is quite similar to a GS model and there is given a choice of several varieties of wheels of different sizes ranging from 17 to 20 inches.

Major changes had suffered herself inside of which is included several colors and plenty of quality material. The interior is a longer period of time but it was a flaw and corrected. Many have often observed a great similarity with the Camry model.

2016 Lexus ES interior


When it comes to the moving party and there are things interesting. As much as the changes made by external and internal issues so mechanics almost remains unchanged. In fact, this model gets 3.5L V6 engine that develops 305 hp and 377 Nm of torque. But the offer will be extended a little later 2.5L hybrid that will to make 190 horsepower. Consumption will be below five liters per 100 km and it is impressive, is not it. Lexus scored a few mechanical changes since the product launched in China. The biggest markets will be covered with the 2.0L turbo engine from NX200t and power of 235 horsepower. After it comes the more powerful version of the 2.5L turbo version. In the near future under the hood is to be found both engine variants. Power will be transmitted to the wheels by means of transmission with six speeds that will be automatic.

2016 Lexus ES grill

Release Date and Price of 2016 Lexus ES

In the full model Lexus ES 2016, we expect sales for the next year with initial hay of 38,600 dollars for the standard version and 41,500 dollars for a hybrid variant and this price will not change anything much. When at the end of this year and early next starts and sales, we’ll find out what customers think about the design.

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