2015 Toyota Prius Executive Redesign, Release Date

2015 Toyota Prius Executive Redesign, Release Date.. – All over the world hybrid vehicles are gaining in importance and here we mention the Toyota Prius Executive 2015. I hope that the Prius does not require any special introduction. It is the most sought after and best-selling hybrid car in the world. There are two motors and a battery. The engine noise is special and different compared to other vehicles. Hybrid vehicles are an attempt to inefficiency atmospheric aggregates is reduced to an absolute minimum by combining theoretical use of electricity in the ranges that significantly reduce the efficiency of aggregates in conventional fuels. Redesign of Toyota Prius model occurred in 2011 and in 2012 was Totoya Prius took off the market. The success of the Toyota Prius primary has been successfully used to launch a new minor version of the model that went towards smaller or larger dimensions than the original Prius.

2015 Toyota Prius Executive rear

2015 Toyota Prius Executive Exterior

Toyota started much braver to design their models, so the new Prius far more attractive, character and more modern than before. Facelift he really done good, the car now seems very topical. Recognizable face Toyota models are here and not much different except that it is noticeable that the entire vehicle design subordinate aerodynamics, which is the front part complied with. We must admit that the roofline now a lot more attractive than before and it all ends quite high at the rear. Superbly designed alloy wheels further beautify this car. Notable are the large glass surfaces of the vehicle, which will create the effect of spaciousness. Visually sleek rear section, which combines the LED lights now looks quite modern. Due to the unusual body shape, the designers get the most from the rear.

Toyota Prius 2010


Truly massive opening doors to access the front seats will not tell anyone, not even very large and tall people to make it a problem. The hole is almost square shapes, and gives to him so good accessibility. The control panel is drawn up and a minimum of sources on the side, so you will not have problems with my knees when entering the 2015 Toyota Prius Executive vehicle. The upper edge is very slight slope, which further improves the overall accessibility. If you look close, you can see that under the steering wheel and the situation is very clear, so that the leg room is really great.

The rear bench can be accessed also very comfortable, as expected given the roofline and an unusual but practical design Toyota Prius models. You will not have problems even in the rear, even if you big person. Legroom has actually more than enough, more than enough to accommodate forward and people of higher stature without problems. Overall the car is so designed that cabin space is really at a very high level. Indeed, in this respect, there is no problem on the front bench.

2015 Toyota Prius Executive interior

Seats are uniform and very dull gray, but still high quality and durable. Seating is part of a broad and friendly. The headrest is massive and very comfortable, and you will be able to use the same long journeys to rest. If you pay attention, you’ll see that the profile of the rear seat extends to the floor, which is a solution that is not represented in the industry. Usually rise under, so the seat is a lot thinner. Toyota wanted to elevate this detail overall visual impression, so that the rear seats to act around a very solid and comfortable. On the left side in the figure will notice the drain, which is used for cooling the vehicle. Specifically, the air enters at the front of the vehicle and pulls through this opening. From this opening, we heard the noise added by standard vehicles do not have, but it’s very small but noticeable noise. The seats are identical to the front, slightly harder.

2015 Toyota Prius Executive inside


Without a problem is the Toyota Prius managed to get a full five stars in EuroNCAP tests, such ode are sure that the car is very safe. The batteries are located in the rear of the center of the vehicle, and thus the segment that well insulated from potential problems.

2015 Toyota Prius Executive cargo space

Engine and Performance of 2015 Toyota Prius Executive

Under the hood welcomes clearly declared hybrid system and a very thick power cables. Everything works exactly packed. Well look at this scene, because it is often not seen since the Toyota Prius one of the most reliable vehicles in the world. On the left is pouring fuel and everything is clearly labeled as regards the type of fuel. Instead of a spare wheel, there is a set for reparation, and there are discernible hips battery which is located in front of the room for the spare wheel underneath the rear seats.

2015 Toyota Prius Executive acceleration of 10.4 seconds to 100km/h is what the factory claims have not been able to reach out even more persistent attempts, the best time is 11.64 seconds to 100km/h. The stopping just above the optimal 40 meters so that it can be considered that the braking system is very efficient and safe. The silence in the car dominates, especially in urban conditions where unsurpassed. On the highway at 120km/h the noise is still relatively low, so we consider it a quiet and driving on highways. Fuel consumption per factory data is about 4 liters, but we are in a real situation got slightly better results, but still very good. Consumption will do 100km/h will be at the level of about 4.7 liters, while at 120km/h consumption jumps abruptly to an extra two liters.

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