2014 Toyota Auris Hatchback Review and Price

The 2014 Toyota Auris Hatchback is Toyota’s newest access into the hybrid market that its Prius currently dominates. In addition to its one-half sibling, the merely released Toyota Auris Touring Sport, the business states that it stands for a brand-new instructions for their currently effective hybrid division. However is the brand-new contestant into the already a little over-saturated hot hatch market worth providing a second look?

2014 Toyota Auris Hatchback

2014 Toyota Auris Hatchback Exterior

While the Auris sticks to a typical two-box hatchback form, some appealing specifics aid it to stand apart. Generally there’s a straight-edged motif to the designing, and the nose includes angular lightings and a little grille with a prominent Toyota badge jutting. Here this, the bumper gets a big grille with chrome trim, flanked by triangular foglight housings.

Further back, straight shoulder lines sign up with the front and back of the automobile together, and the kick-up in the rear home window line is evocative the larger Toyota Verso MPV. At the back, the slender tail-lights are set superior here a little back monitor, while the bumper gets a diffuser-style area for the number plate.

2014 Toyota Auris Hatchback

2014 Toyota Auris Hatchback – Interior

The Auris’s dashboard locates all the essential controls properly and within simple grab a lot of vehicle drivers and overall it is extremely customer friendly. The exception is the touch-screen infotainment device, which is instead sluggish to react and not at all that intuitive. The visibility in the back is not truly that excellent either, as the back home window itself is very shallow.

The something that is a must for a good hatchback, hybrid or traditional, is that it give top storage space together with comfortable passenger accommodations in a reasonably tiny space. Right here, the Auris comes into its own.

It is not as physically spacious as the most significant of its most significant, but there is plenty of head- and legroom for every person and even the back seat backrests recline separately, something that is an extremely wonderful touch. The Auris likewise fits 3 back travelers in more convenience than the majority of the competitors, thanks to the fact that it has an absolutely level flooring.

2014 Toyota Auris Hatchback

2014 Toyota Auris Hatchback – Engine

The 2014 Toyota Auris Hatchback is made to be a reasonable auto, so respectable economic situation and performance are vital. It delivers in this regard– it’s one of the most affordable autos in the family hatchback class. The HybridSynergy Drive Auris is the most reliable, returning 74.3 mpg and emitting 84g/km of CO2, making it excused from road tax. And it’s not the only version to leave the taxman’s clutches; the 1.4-litre D-4D diesel likewise does 74.3 mpg and gives off 99g/km CO2. That compares well with opponents – the VW Golf 1.6-litre TDI diesel does 74.3 mpg and emits 99g/km CO2, while the Hyundai i30 does marginally far better economic situation at 76.3 mpg but sends out 99g/km CO2, also.

The petroleum engines in the 2014 Toyota Auris Hatchback assortment don’t offer anywhere near as good operating costs however they are still rather reliable. The 1.6-litre is the worst entertainer in the range and will certainly do 46.3 mpg and 140g/km CO2. Servicing costs will certainly be competitive, too, however the hybrid design will certainly be particularly economical to preserve as it has fewer relocating parts than the versions with conventional engines and the regenerative braking decreases the endure the brake discs and pads.


2014 Toyota Auris Hatchback engine

2014 Auris Hatchback – Price

The 2014 Toyota Auris Hatchback is currently just slated to be marketed in the UK and European markets. In the UK it is not necessarily haggle valued at $24,145, however it is already confirming popular as a company car selection, based of pre-orders, in the UK, thanks to the excellent gas economic situation and loved one simplicity of upkeep.

If you want you can look 2013 Toyota Auris Hatchback video below.

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