2014 Marangoni Toyota GT86-R Eco Explorer

An interesting fact is that so far we have not mentioned the 2014 Marangoni Toyota GT86-R Eco Explorer and its features. The visuals are more than showy and at a glance breathtaking. We introduce or remind the most important part. Already on images to be shown here you will certainly notice the tires that are red.

2014 Marangoni Toyota GT86-R Eco Explorer rear

2014 Marangoni Toyota GT86-R Eco Explorer Design

The name is derived from the needs of the company for the Toyota vehicle which will be regulated according to a large extent with the environment and the conservation and protection of the environment. Well as the name says, you will see that it is indeed the one vehicle that is trying to reach the standards that are imposed every day all in preserving the environment.

In Geneva last year illustrated this vehicle for the first time and even then, won the hearts of many people. The sporty look and strong character vehicle is what gives us all the adrenaline and excitement when it comes to vehicles. When it comes to design, proclaiming that he had received an aerodynamic bodykit, which is related to the TRC Italia. It consists of the front part, which introduces air, then the engine cover, carbon fiber aero diffuser thresholds rear.

2014 Marangoni Toyota GT86-R Eco Explorer wheel

Whole design will give a black 19-inch wheels with tires already well mentioned that are conspicuous, and black painted roof. Alcantara is a special type of lining when it comes to the interior. Inner still takes into account the quality and as for changes in design, they are really minimal. Then we have sports saddles Sparco, special shifters as well as special inserts of carbon.

2014 Marangoni Toyota GT86-R Eco Explorer interior

Engine and Performance of 2014 Marangoni Toyota GT86-R Eco Explorer

What to tell the driving force of this vehicle? If you are a well-understood that the name derives from there that everything is done in order to improve the preservation of the environment and then make this engine supposed to go in this direction. They say that one liter of ammonia costs about 20 euro cents. In order to succeed in the yarn of some 180 km, you need a volume of 30 liters. At a speed of 2800 r/min vehicle that can be used ammonia and over that speed it is Autotrade switches to gasoline.

2014 Marangoni Toyota GT86-R Eco Explorer engine

It is interesting that the ammonia you can use all the time in city driving because you this little speed. You can with this engine to produce 220 ​​horsepower, which is more than good.

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